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Let's take control of 
our own Health

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Energy Frequency Healing: each human incarnates with a specific set of frequencies, these frequencies can be adjusted or retuned using sound waves, singing bowels, reiki, healing hands etc... Advances in our understandings of the Energy Body allows us to understand better how these different modes of healing can affect and heal the energy body. This is why I have chosen to rename this Energy healing method to be more accurate to what we know today about Consciousness which is our personal Frequency set. Hands on healing affect our frequencies allowing Energies or frequencies to return to a more balance state thus healing the energy body when it is out of balance or diseased.

Energy therapy techniques harmonize the energy fields in and around the body to promote health and well-being. They also help encourage positive thoughts and emotions.

Changing Humanity's Future

Means Thinking Differently

​The Medical community will no longer exist as it is today in the new paradigm, Holistic and Naturel remedies established long ago in various Indigenous cultures will ensure we can transition into a new Earth.

(bio) Energy Frequencies unifies science and consciousness, taking the human in its entirety by harmonizing Body(Heart), Thought(Brain) and Spirit to allow wellness to flow through you and thereby affecting your (bio) Energy Frequencies.


THE Energy Frequency Healing BLUEPRINT

The Electromagnetic and Auric Fields 

Our Energy Frequency Healing Blueprint

Torsion field of conscious energy associated with temporal dimensions that give rise to such effects as electromagnetism.

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