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4 day therapy . . . . . . .

The Time is Now, it's time to build a New Earth a better place for all of us to come together as a Healing Community and work together to heal and raise our frequencies to a higher level.

It seems I have been waiting for someone else to take the lead, however that hasn't happened, so I am diving in head first.

My goal is to establish a Healing community based on the new upgraded human evolving out of the turmoil we are going through in the next few years. I have established a Patreon page to find like minded people who are ready to take up the challenge and step into a new dimension.

My Vision

The next generation of healing enhancement is already here, join my PATREON PAGE and help me establish a Healing Center where Energy Frequency Therapists will be able to offer there services while being bathed with HEALING FREQUENCIES using the latest Technology!

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