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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Upcoming ‘In Person’ Level 1

Energy Frequency Healing  Training in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


Jan 13, 2024 and Jan 14, 2024,

8:30 AM CST – Jan 14, 2024, 5:00 PM CST



Morelos 101 Local 3B Colonia Centro Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48300

(Above the Santander Bank)

If you are living or visiting the beautiful city Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and wish take this course in person with Marcel Gosselin!


  • Energy therapy techniques harmonize the energy fields in and around the body to promote health and well-being. They also help encourage positive thoughts and emotions.

  • This Level 1 Energy Frequency Healing training gives you the tools to bring your health back into your own hands and get your energy flowing freely so your body can restore itself to it’s natural healthy state.

  • Energy Frequencies Healing, understand more about Frequencies, Consciousness and your individual set of Frequencies, while learning Healing techniques. 

By the end of this workshop you’ll learn what energy is, how our health is affected by the flow of energy and how you can actively direct this natural flow. You’ll learn how to heal yourself and others using the 10 foundational Bio-Energy Healing techniques.

You’ll experience both giving and receiving Bio-Energy Healing throughout the workshop, with coaching to learn the techniques.

  • You’ll receive a workshop manual with technique instructions and exercises designed to assist you in releasing ‘stuck’ energy in specific areas of your life.

  • Learn how to show up in your life, release blocked energy and shift issues on an energetic level with our life changing weekend workshop on Bio-Energy Healing.

​Imagine being able to heal yourself and those you care about after one weekend of training! It truly is the biggest gift you could give.

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