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The Healing Properties Of Shungite

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As we all know, human beings are powered by electricity. Our neurons in our brains function by receiving electrical signals from cells. Our hearts beat from an electrical charge emitted by cells that cause a contraction.

A lesser known metascience, known as bioenergetics, explores human energy fields and the relation our energy has with the world around us.

Our bodies release an energetic field, known as the vital field, that interacts with our environment and ripples away from us like waves.


  • Life is an energy intensive process

  • It takes energy to move a muscle, breath, heal wounds, even to think

  • We emit an energetic field around us that interacts and is influenced by our environment


A person's vital field can vary greatly depending on the health of the person, the level of consciousness, and also influences from the environment.

We can also have a direct effect on our vital field by the food and


drink we consume, where we hang out and who we hang out with.

Our vital field strives to stay in a state of homeostasis, a state of

balance. However, it wouldn't surprise me that most (if not all)

human beings that live in modern day society across the world

are in a state of bioenergetic imbalance due to modern lifestyle

choices and the bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies.

This is where Shungite comes into play.

(This is an extract from more information visit her site)

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